Coaching with Calvin Strachan

Choking under pressure?

Learn to build your mental toughness:
to shut out the noise, the negativity and the fear.


So, that you can come through in the clutch!

You can have the better resume, more experience and even more talent but if you can’t deliver when it matters most, you’ll never arrive at the top.

However, the opposite is also true.

You may not have a good resume, or enough experience and on paper you may not have the talent, but if you can show up and deliver when your back’s against the wall and everyone is counting on you…they will make you a hero.

Understand, that pressure and stress, have robbed more superstars of their dreams than any horrible boss, coach, critic or peer group. Pressure distorts our thinking, leads to indecision and sabotages our best intentions

As a result of NOT being able to handle pressure research shows that:

  • test scores for students at top universities, dropped by as much as 10%
  • shooting percentages for professional basketball players, plummeted by 10% and
  • married couples have a higher chance of divorce, that can be predicted 90% of the time
“Too many opportunities are missed not because you don't have the ability but because you are not accessing your best abilities when it really matters.”

The tricky part is, you already know what to do and you are already motivated.

So that’s not what this is about.

This is about executing when everyone’s watching and when the stakes are the highest. To boldly step into situations that make you second-guess yourself, put your nerves on edge and trigger feelings of doubt.

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In those moments, most people choke but not those who refuse to be ordinary. Those individuals invest in this coaching. So, why not you?

You have the ability, it’s time to stop missing opportunities because you haven’t had the stomach for it.

This is not a magic pill, or hot air and this is not just common sense. I’m embarrassed to admit that about a decade ago, I actually thought it was.

About 10 years ago, I was called in to coach a team going into their championship final. They were the better team but all year long they had been losing to the team they were about to face.

So, I showed up, did some work and got them fired up. They were so excited they demanded that I come to the final game. And guess what happened? They lost! They choked! I was mortified! I felt like an imposter!

You can’t just do a bunch of pump-up exercises and say a bunch of fancy quotes and expect people to change. So, since that humbling experience, I’ve studied, trained, invested and tested myself massively, in my ability to help people come through when it matters most.

I’m a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, I’m certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I’m a former Anthony Robbins Results Coach, I’m trained in hypnosis and I have thousands of hours of paid coaching clients from around the world. Why am I telling you this? What does this mean to you?

It means:

  • I have practiced and successfully applied techniques that can quickly change your behaviou
  • I have the ability to adapt my language to have the greatest impact for you
  • I have the ability to ask the right questions that reveal crucial information to maximize your results and
  • I have an enhanced ability to understand what you are going through.

This is not about pump-up or hype and it goes beyond common sense. This is about tools and techniques that you can apply to be your best when it matters most. These are skills and you can develop them.

In another famous study focused on sales people working in an industry where rejection and consequently pressure to perform was at an all time high, most people quit. But there were a few that understood how to be their best when it matter most and they out-sold the quitters by an astounding 57%

These individuals harnessed their creativity and their tenacity, performed their best under pressure and found a way to win.

With this coaching program, you can too.

Working with me you will learn a set of skills and techniques that will allow you to:

  • shut out the noise
  • block out negativity
  • rip out the doubt and fear
  • access your resourcefulness
  • turn up your creativity
  • and come through in the clutch
If you don’t want the pressure to get to you… sign up for coaching, master your ability to be cool and relaxed under pressure and Find a Way to Win.

Schedule a no-obligation coaching consultation, today!

P.S. Because of my speaking engagements, I fly nearly 100,000 miles per year which means, I can only take a set number of clients at at time. So please don’t hesitate to sign up.

Calvin Strachan made the Find a Way to Win programs after becoming a leader in several multi-million dollar sales organizations ranging from: direct sales to pharmaceutical sales to personal development.

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