No one gets a pass.

Being your best when it matters most is difficult for us all.

Discover how to perform your best under pressure.


Understand, that pressure and stress, have robbed more elite performers of their success than any horrible boss, critic or competitor. Pressure distorts our thinking, leads to indecision and sabotages our best intentions.

Whether it is starting a company, or closing a sales to make your year, or landing a contract to make payroll, or speaking in front of a group, pressure shows no mercy.

Too many opportunities are missed not because of lack of ability but because our best abilities are not accessed when it really matters.

Calvin Strachan made this discovery after becoming a leader in several multi-million dollar sales organizations ranging from: direct sales to pharmaceutical sales to personal development.

As a result of his work within these industries he has developed, Find a Way to Win. A keynote, focused on teaching the new era of winners, how to execute when the stakes are the highest and to boldly step into situations that make them second-guess themselves, put their nerves on edge and trigger feelings of doubt.

Tens of thousands of people from more than 20 countries have experienced the power of Find a Way to Win.

This incredibly engaging and results-driven experience, is a perfect fit for: sales professionals, managers, business owners and anyone who is under pressure to deliver exceptional results.

“A powerhouse of inspiration and transformation tools.”

– Katerina Damjanoska, Director, Abbott Diagnostics

After experiencing Find a Way to Win, you will:
  • Find out why even Grammy winning artists and professional athletes collapse under pressure.
  • Discover what you can do neurologically, to protect yourself against the effects of pressure.
  • Learn 4 techniques that can be applied immediately to reverse the effects

Find a Way to Win Today!

What people are saying about “Find a Way to Win”


“Calvin is a passionate strategist with a treasure trove of ideas…which enabled us to climb from the bottom of the rankings, right to the top.”

– Tim Neuman, District Sales Manager, Prometheus Laboratories


“It was amazing to implement everything, the energy was fantastic, Calvin you have a way to electrify a room! Thanks for the transformational experience! I am pumped! I have greatness and I am ready to bring it on in my life and business. I will keep tenacity as a major part of my vocabulary.”

– Maria Diaz, Mortgage Broker DLC Mortgage Plus


“Calvin did a great job of presenting human capabilities. I just had a breakthrough that I can do great things in my life. I lack self belief due to the fear of rejection. The presentation gave me a step by step process on how I will face my fear and look back on how everything happens for a reason. I will never forget the moment when I had this intense confidence to be unstoppable.”

– Kenneth Duhaylungsod – Student/Entrepreneur


“I loved listening to Calvin present. He is so engaging. A wealth of knowledge. This has helped me to recognize my state of mind and be more aware. I believe I will have more confidence in my every day life”

– Ave Abellanosa, Invivo Engineering


“The presentation was excellent. Calvin is amazing and inspiring. This presentation will help motivate me to reach my goals”

– Andre


“Awesome presentation – very inspiring. Great job man! Going back to work with tenacity and being unstoppable in pursuit of my goals”

– Arun Bajaj, Entrepreneur,


“It was more than perfect. I am happy I made it. Gave me some ideas on how to take action, overcome my fear and gain my confidence. Now, I know that failure is a just a small part of a whole process. And I look at it as trial and error where I can learn and move on. You are great! All the best”

– Arshia, Mortgage Specialist, MAS Mortgage Group


“It was great! Started with high energy, good visualization exercises and I loved the real life case studies like Donald Trump.This presentation will change my results in 2 ways: 1) The expert exercise, I can see ideas on how to succeed like Tim Ferriss; and 2) The Confidence Exercise!”

– Bruce Harpham, Bank of Montreal and


“It was very insightful and touching, great distinctions in understanding my confidence state and insights from my virtual conversation with experts. It will empower me to keep my tenacity and conquer my fears in the face of adversity. Keep the love alive Calvin! Awesome work!”

– Julian, Owner Radiant Exhibits


“It was just what I needed tonight – inspiring and powerful. After a challenging few months in transition from 1 bedroom apartment to a 30 acre horse property and being responsible for 8 new horses, I feel this was key in getting me back to visualizing and focusing on the next phase of my the dream of impacting and transforming lives of thousands in partnership with horses. Thank you Calvin.”

– Mena Canonico, Founder Liberty Lane Retreat Centre, Leadership/Empowerment with Horses


“Thank you for showing us how creativity and tenacity can help us accomplish anything and everything. The examples of people who have accomplished great things, had adversity and overcame it, help so much with any challenge. It will help me take the next steps in helping others and continue to take the needed steps to keep figuring out what I need to do.”

– Megan Wambolt, Director of Operations/Consultant, Tiltco


“You are a great motivational speaker. Keep up the great work.”

– Christine Laing, Manager Town Country Animal Hospital


“It was an amazing presentation, full of energy and feeling. Calvin has a a truly unique delivery method that makes his message come across loud and clear. We can truly feel Calvin’s, genuine energy and makes a huge difference as he takes us across the processes. I think it will really allow me to tap into the real me, the higher version of myself, my unstoppable true self. Also, it has given me an empowered state of mind and physiology to go back to every time I need it.

– Mayte Marelos, Realtor, Royal LePage


“It was awesome, heartfelt, genuine and inspiring. I will apply the “confidence” state when I go into the world and use the “Mastermind” visualization”

– Alma Sinan, Chair of Ontario, Chapter of the Association for Gravestone Studies

Calvin Strachan made the Find a Way to Win programs after becoming a leader in several multi-million dollar sales organizations ranging from: direct sales to pharmaceutical sales to personal development.

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