How to stop overthinking

When it matters most, your results are not dependent on your drive or desire or motivation. Your results are affected the most by your worry and your overthinking. The overthinking is ripping out your ability to perform.

So, how do you stop overthinking or reduce the impact on you? Focus on the things that you can control

All too often when it really matters to us, we’re too focused on the results like: “I want to win”, “I want to get the promotion”, “I want a raise”, “I want to get him”, “I want to get her”, or “I want to have a success”. Unfortunately, sometimes that success is outside of our control. I’m not saying eliminate the want for success. I’m saying change your focus. Focus on what you can control.

Start focusing on being your best rather than being the best. That subtle shift will give back your power and it will reduce the tendency to overthink.

When you put too much focus on what you can’t control, it robs you of your key strengths. What do I mean? When you are pursuing endeavors outside of your control, usually can’t control what “they” are going to do. You can’t control their reactions, or if they’re going to like it or not.

Take this post for example, if I put my focus on your comments, your reactions and whether or not you look at it, it will put too much pressure on me. However, if I put my focus on delivering for you, giving everything I have, being clear on my message, being clear in my examples and focusing on what I can control, it gives me back my power.

So, how do you stop overthinking?

Focus on what you can control. You can control how hard you work, how many calls you make, how much you study. You can control what you think about. These are things are inside your power. Place your attention in these areas and it will reduce the overthinking.

One more thing, it’s a great line from a book called, “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyways”. Dr. Jeffers writes that when those big moments come, when you’re not sure about the results, and the pursuit is outside of your comfort zone say to yourself, “I can handle it.”

No matter what it is, you simply decide, “I can handle it.” You have that choice. You have the choice to say, “I can’t handle it,” or “I can handle it.”

If you want to stop the overthinking, realize no matter what it is or what’s coming your way, it’s there for a reason. Simply say to yourself, “I can handle it.” That simple mantra will give you the power or at a minimum reduce the perceived threat, and it will shut down the cocktail of fear, doubt, worry, and you will absolutely find a way to win.

Calvin Strachan made the Find a Way to Win programs after becoming a leader in several multi-million dollar sales organizations ranging from: direct sales to pharmaceutical sales to personal development.

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