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July 5, 2016
How to WIN like Michael Jordan!

Over the span of my career I've held many roles, most of which required me to perform under massive pressure.

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June 28, 2016
Serve the Greater Good

I think what’s really important in business and in life is to be able to put your agenda aside and serve someone else’s needs first.

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June 14, 2016
You Gotta Look Bad...At First

So, how do you become great? There's a great expression that says "champions are not born, they are created"

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June 6, 2016
Gotta make it happen...don't miss this step

A crucial process that is key to performing under pressure.

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May 30, 2016
What can we learn from Julia Roberts?

I used to be a television and film actor. It truly was a great experience. However, I never could have predicted how perfectly, acting would work with my current business.

And I certainly could not have guessed that it would affect my clients so profoundly.

We're all under pressure to deliver in some capacity. However, actors have figured out a way to perform at their best regardless of what's happening around them and you can too.

I made a quick video explaining what I mean in depth.

Imagine being able to perform at your best under pressure. It's possible we just need to hone your acting skills.

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May 23, 2016
You Can Still Find a Way to Win

Sometimes we really wanna make a big change in our lives but we don't know how, we don't have the training or the experience. What's interesting is that to make the giant leaps with your life often it's not about your resources it's about your resourcefulness.

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April 21, 2016
Stop Thinking. Start Winning.

Recently I achieved my green belt in Krav Maga. For those of you who don’t know what Krav Maga is, it’s the Israeli Military Defence System. In a nutshell, you learn how to fight against real world threats like, guns, knives, multiple attackers etc. It’s pretty crazy stuff.

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April 12, 2016
Prepare Your Ass Off

I failed out of university.

It was an embarrassing, humbling and soul crushing experience. Until that point in my life I could practically create any result I wanted. Then suddenly it was over.

It was the stark realization that I wasn’t good enough.

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April 7, 2016
Be Honest Part 2

We’ve all done it. Sometimes we tell ourselves certain things to prevent our egos from being damaged by the truth. Things like: “I’m not fat, I’m just big boned”; or “all men are cheaters”; or “you have to have money to get a good girl”; or “you have to kiss ass to get ahead”.

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March 15, 2016
Be Honest Part 1

I was watching House of Cards last night and the Chief of Staff and Secretary of State didn’t want to let the public know about the President’s weakness. They felt if the public knew and in particular if their enemies knew, that they might try and harm the US.

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Calvin Strachan made the Find a Way to Win programs after becoming a leader in several multi-million dollar sales organizations ranging from: direct sales to pharmaceutical sales to personal development.

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